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The Truffle Masters 2023 Dishes


5Kinokawa Chef Billy Kin Salmon Pate Feuilletee- thin layers of laminate puff pastry topped with a savory salmon truffle pate. Garnished with kaluga caviar and fresh dill.


Amrina Chef Jassi Bindra Mushroomed crispy cremini, basil chili garlic sauce with truffles.

Artisans dish

Artisans Chef Russell Kirkham Une Glace au Foie Gras - Chantilly aux Truffes Noires - Foie Ice cream - Truffled Chantilly Accoutrements

b'tween Sandwich Co dish

b'tween Sandwich Co Chef Michelle Wallace Smoked marrow and truffle crostini with smoked brisket salt

Brasserie Du Parc dish

Brasserie Du Parc Chef Jose Hernandez Wild mushroom truffle ravioli with a port wine sauce and Parmesan cheese

Ciel dish

Ciel Chef Joseph Geiskopf Truffle takoyaki, bone marrow emulsion, fresh truffle, Tete De Moine, wildflower honey.

Cowboys & Indians dish

Cowboys & Indians Chef Vinny Lantigua Pani puri (semolina crisp) filled with Indian trail mix, Chana masala curry, truffled beef tartare, yogurt mousse, caviar and shaved egg yolks over a truffle soil with a tamarind and cilantro chutney."

Davanti dish

Davanti Chef Roberto Crescini Black Truffle Panettone - 48 Hour sourdough based Panettone with pasteurized butter, fresh black truffles, candied hazelnut crumble, and a hint of cacao.

Degust dish

Degust Chef Rico Mackins Truffle Roll - A chefs play on a cinnamon roll.

Doris Metropolitan dish

Doris Metropolitan Chef Daniel Davidson Braised RC Ranch Texas Wagyu Osso Bucco with a caramelized onion soubise, a gruyere crisp, and fresh shaved truffles.

Eculent dish

Eculent Chef David Skinner 44 Farms tenderloin with foie gras sauce and fresh black truffle in a brick shell

Hidden Omakase dish

Hidden Omakase Chef Niki Vongthong Lao sausage dumplings with truffles served with a chicken, pork and mushroom broth.

Killen's Steakhouse dish

Killen's Steakhouse Chef Luis Lopez Truffled Shortrib Croque Madame -Smoked Beef Short Rib / Black Garlic and Truffle Bechamel / Tallow -Toasted Brioche Bread / Gruyere Cheese / Cured Egg Yolk/ Black Truffle Shavings

Le Jardinier dish

Le Jardinier Chef Felipe Botero Winter Vegetable Fondant, Comté Cheese Foam, Black Truffles.

Liberty Kitchen dish

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette - Memorial Chef Aaron Panganiban Lobster & Truffle Gougeres - Dashi Poached Lobster, Beef Fat Aioli, Black Truffle Cream, Wild Mushroom. AND Steak Tartare - Nori Brioche, Umeboshi, Pickled Radish, Smoked Oyster Aioli, Shaved Truffle

Louie's dish

Louie's Chef Angelo Emiliani Suppli al Norcia - Spaghetti fritter stuffed with garlic sausage, truffle, parmigiano-reggiano. Dusted with more truffle and parmigiano-reggiano.

Masraff's dish

Masraff's Chef Greg Shade & Chef Brandon Jolley-Samples Truffle Cured Smoked Texas Wagyu Short Rib -Kennebec Mille-Feuille, Earthnut Potato Mousse, Truffle Haystack

McCormick & Schmick's dish (1)

McCormick & Schmick's Chef Tim Eckard Truffled Egg- Black Truffle & Dijon Mousse, Crispy Potato, Fresh Black Truffle

Money Cat dish

Money Cat Jio Dingayan Truffle cheesecake mousse, piedmont hazelnut Nutella, tonka bean compressed asian pear, matcha yuzu “pocky”

Musaafer dish

Musaafer Chef Mayank Istwal Angus Kachila Puri - Diced fillet , truffle paste, cilantro , coconut, avocado , lemon zest

Nobu dish

Nobu Chef Joe Murphy Balck truffle grilled rice with parmesan dashi and wagyu lardo

Pacha Nikkei dish (1)

Pacha Nikkei Chef Masaru Fukuda "The Gold of the Incas" - Lucuma - Foie Gras Manjar with Truffles and Maiz Chulpi Terra. Followed by a Uni Gooseberry Leche de Tigre Elixir.

Phat Eatery dish (1)

Phat Eatery Chef Alex Au-Yeung Steamed Maine lobster dumpling with a creamy coconut aioli infused with winter black truffles. On top you’ll find some crispy roasted shallots. To accompany the dumpling you will find a truffle honey pandan ice cream laced with black truffles and graham cracker crumble.

Street to Kitchen dish

Street to Kitchen Chef Benchawan Painter Tom Kha Scallops with Black Truffles

Swift&Company dish (1)

Swift & Company Chef Richard Huber Black truffle + tonka bean mini pavlova filled with orange-rosemary, black truffle crème diplomat topped with passion fruit, mango and fresh shaved black truffles, on a bed of truffle-honey powder and crushed pistachios

The Lymbar dish

The Lymbar Chef David Cordua Chicken Ballotine with truffle shallot stuffing and a truffle sherry cream

The Revaire dish

The Revaire Chef Ryan Bouillet Truffle egg custard, toasted brioche, arugula and shaved truffles

Warehouse72 dish

Warehouse 72 Chef Jaime Salazar Leek ash crusted beef tenderloin, king crab, black truffle potato pavé, melted leeks, smoked horseradish creme fraiche, fried tarragon

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